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Improve your game with the best companion app for gamers. Access game-specific tools, player recruitment and the ability to reach experts for tips or advice in public chat rooms. Clash Royale players can take advantage of the chests cycle tool to check when is the next special upcoming chest, or gain access to a 24/7 steam of FREE and OPEN CR tournaments. Amaze your friends and fellow gamers with your gaming achievements by linking accounts from supported games; Allowing for a quick and comfortable way to track and share your trophies, stats and more. Securely connect multiple gaming accounts by performing a quick in-game task. Chat with your friends using your ClanPlays persona while allowing them to see your in-game name from any of the games youve linked. Be assured that your chats are safe with ClanPlays automated clan management (for CoC and CR), with exceptional tools to keep your clans chat room organized and secured from spies Unite your friends and meet new ones on your gaming journey Lead your team to victory and rule the leaderboards with advanced features and outstanding gaming tools that will take your skills to the next level Public chat rooms allow you to discuss a variety of game-related topics. Check the latest Clash Royale meta, Clash of Clans builders base level, Arena of Valor heroes or the most effective PUBG or Fortnite tactics. Sometimes team leaders have to speak with their members privately. ClanPlay allows players to open private chat conversations and groups apart from the public chat rooms. You can chat with other ClanPlay members directly and anonymously. Dont wait for your gaming team to fall apart because you lack the tools you need to succeed. Download ClanPlay today, win the game. ***This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercells Fan Content Policy:***

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