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Essentials for professional investors – ET Net MQ Pro (Mobile) 【Latest 3.0 version】 - New look Rich in financial Information with more user friendly layout design - Dashboard overview Browse the %gainer & %loser industries, worldwide major indices, SH-HK connect daily quota, news of fluctuated stocks, hot sectors and IPO at a glance 【Content and function highlights】 - Free real-time quote HK-Shares, A-Shares, futures (Regular & AT) quote - Interactive real-time charts Including securities, indices and futures real-time and historical chats, users are free to adjust and enlarge. Prosticks chart is available exclusively. - Customized real-time investment portfolios Personalized multiple H-Shares and A-Shares investment portfolios - ET Net financial news and commentaries Commentaries by renowned experts, block trade, broker reports, market rumours and macro economy, etc. New function: ‘share and ‘bookmark article - Local indices, forex and commodities quote, AH Shares comparison, DTDC, ADR, ETF, etc. - Important information push notification (highlighted news, IPO), price-alert (after login) # User can enjoy the streaming service after login. ## Streaming quote access requires registration according to HKEx rules.