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Basically Budget Plan and Cost is very simple, why I say so? Because RAB is simply the product of the Volume of Works (of many work items) with the Unit Price Analysis of the job. Therefore, in the 2nd article I have already said, in fact you have been able to calculate the Budget Plan and Cost (RAB) itself. Because of the constituent variables (work volume and unit price analysis) I have provided. Here is the calculation of Budget Plan and Cost (RAB), where the column number of volume of work you have to fill with the results of the calculation of the volume of work on the building you are / will wake up. While in the column of unit price analysis you also have to fill with the results of calculation of unit price analysis (wages workers and materials) of buildings that are / will you wake up. Once again I will say, the key of this budget and cost plan (RAB) plan is to calculate the volume of work. For unit price analysis I think it is not too difficult, because it only calculates unit price (wages and materials) with BOW index. When you have been able to calculate / analyze the volume of the components of a building (foundation, sloof, column, beam, plate, frame, roof, etc.) then you have been able to compile the project RAB

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