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LabCorp Beacon®: Mobile lets health care providers review lab test results for their patients as they become available directly from LabCorp.**Not for use with LabCorp Beacon®: Patient.**Providers can use their Android™ powered smart phone or tablet to view patient lab results, patient demographics, and contact information related to those results. LabCorp Beacon®: Mobile also offers the capability to look up additional information in LabCorp's Directory of Services or view contact information for LabCorp scientific/medical experts by discipline directly from within the application.Your medical practice must be set up on LabCorp Beacon® before results can be delivered to LabCorp Beacon®: Mobile. Contact your LabCorp account representative to get set up on LabCorp Beacon®.This results-on-the-go application offers• Quick, at-a-glance Inbox summary list of your patients' laboratory results• Access to either preliminary or final results based on physician's preference• Easy-to-read patient laboratory results• Ability to access multiple client accounts• Audible alerts notification of incoming results• Configuration of notifications for either critical, abnormal, or all results• Ability to specify time window in which alerts should not be sent• Patient demographic data at your fingertips along with the ability to call patients• Convenient access to LabCorp experts and their contact information and e-mail addresses• Direct link to LabCorp's extensive Directory of Services (Test Menu)• HIPAA complianceRequirementsAndroid 2.1 or later. Android 2.2 or later is required for notification services.AccessIf you are an existing LabCorp Beacon® customer, use your existing LabCorp Beacon® password and access the application immediately.If you are an existing LabCorp customer but not using LabCorp Beacon® or not a LabCorp customer, call 877-442-3226 and a representative will assist you with the registration and set-up process. You will be provided with a user name and password to access LabCorp Beacon®. Use your new LabCorp Beacon® password to access the application.DemoTo view a demo of the LabCorp Beacon®: Mobile application, download the application and enter "demo" for the Username and any text for the Password.