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Finally you have your bank products under control quickly, simply and securely Do you want check your current account balance? Do you need to know if you already received your salary or payment from your friend? This application from Česká spořitelna, a.s. helps you with that and much more Main features: • quickness - quick login, a possibility to show account balances without launch of application • simplicity - everything clearly, intuitively • availability - you have your bank in your pocket all the time • security - this app has passive role only - no active transactions, no abuse, no worries Main functions: • checking your bank products - current accounts,, loans (credit cards, loans, housing loans), investment accounts, building & pension savings, life insurance. App is targeted for private segment, business accounts are not displayed • browse transaction history of your accounts, filter in groups (incoming/outgoing/all) • see transaction detail (counterparty account number, note for the recipient / for me, variable symbol etc.) and share it via SMS, e-mails and other messaging applications. • see your balance account directly without launch of application - use widget on the device desktop. • choose security login type (PIN, gesture, ID touch, no password), • switch between several applications from your bank in “Application centre” • check numbers of your accounts/contracts and share them via SMS, e-mails and other messaging applications • find useful contacts of your bank (tel. numbers , e-mail address) Requirements • mobile phone (the application is designated for mobile phones; it is possible to use it on tablets, but displaying is not optimized for bigger screen of tablets) • device with operating system Android 4.0 or later. • active service “SERVIS 24 Internetbanking”

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