Breathe: Asthma Management App


Most asthma patients feel that avoiding physical exertion is necessary to avoid asthma attacks; that missing a few days of school or work due to asthma is normal; that the risk of asthma attack will never go away. Living with asthma can be difficult; bouts of breathlessness, wheezing and other respiratory issues make regular visits to the doctor a part of everyday life for an asthma patient. However, most patients dont realize that asthma can be controlled with preventative medication and proper management of the condition. While the risk of symptoms and asthma attack cannot be completely eliminated, the risks can be greatly reduced. Presenting Breathe, an app that helps patients like you to manage, control, and keep a check on their asthma. It helps you to follow your medication plan and enables you to monitor triggers, symptoms and other asthma information, which can be shared with doctors during consultations or as necessary. Start managing your asthma with Breathe Learn Get personalized tips to manage your asthma We compress long, informative articles on asthma into bite-sized, simple, personalized and fun tips that you can read while youre waiting for the bus to work or waiting for your kids to get off the school bus or… well you get the point. Track & Share Track and share your symptoms. Always stay on course with your medication plan. We understand it can be hard to recall your symptoms when you see your doctor once every few months. So we made it super easy to record your symptoms, triggers and peak flow reading regularly and share with your doctor, or really anybody with an email address. No matter how busy you get, we remind you to take your medication and stay on your action plan. Gain Insights Get insights based on historical data We analyze the symptoms you track using the Breathe app to generate insights for you. While there is no substitute for doctors advice, we are working on algorithms that alert you about deteriorating symptoms so you know when its time to go see the doctor. The more data you track using the app, the smarter the insights get. How you can better manage your Asthma with Breathe? • Maintain an asthma journal and share with your doctor during consultation • Easily track and monitor symptoms • Help your doctor make better treatment decisions for you, based on your long term data • Get insights about when to see your doctor based on the data you track • Get personalized tips to manage your asthma • Get reminders for your preventative/controller medication Breathe aims to help patients experience less asthma-related distress with better symptom control, improved quality of life, and fewer unexpected medical visits.