Sboy World Adventure 2 - New Adventures 2018

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Super Sboy game that started it all is now free-to-play and optimized for mobile devices! And more gifts for Chrismas time.After sucess of Sboy World Adventure, IMO Games make new for all around the world with new adventures: new character, new boss, new gameplay and more nice arts, effects.Sboy World Adventure 2 iss a new classic platform game with a journey off super boy (Sboy) that brings your childhood back.Great Features Of Games- Begin with 20 levels - Up to 80 levels soon.- Attractive art and effects.- 5 Leaderboards and 14 archievements.How to play more easy?- Left and right arrows to move left or right- Arrow down to go inside the pipe to the bonus level where you can find lots of coins- Button to run faster or firing- Button to skip character .- Button buying power switch to superhero and shooting fire .Now, let's play and win!

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